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  • Valgray Rose Gold Waterproof Dog Collar for X-Small Dog Breeds
    Regular price
    R 439.00 ZAR
    Sale price
    R 439.00 ZAR
  • Valgray Pistachio and Silver Waterproof Dog Collar for Small Dog Breeds
    Regular price
    R 449.00 ZAR
    Sale price
    R 449.00 ZAR
  • Valgray Turquoise and Rose Gold Waterproof Dog Collar for Small Dog Breeds
    Regular price
    R 449.00 ZAR
    Sale price
    R 449.00 ZAR
  • Valgray Rose Gold Dog Leash for Small Dog Breeds
    Regular price
    R 369.00 ZAR
    Sale price
    R 369.00 ZAR

Premium, Yet Fur Friendly

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What a wonderful gift from my son for our Penny!

The color is gorgeous on her, she loves to show it off when we run our errands!

Kathleen Fabri | Florida, USA

"I love the new collar and leash set I purchased from Valgray for my dog, and he loves it too! The leash and collar combo is stylish, durable and my dog is constantly getting compliments while wearing it. I highly recommend it to any dog owner looking for a great, stylish walking set at an amazingly affordable price!"

Elle Davida | Atlanta, Georgia

“It looks so chic! Colours are perfect, hardware is luxurious! And it’s waterproof! So, I wasn’t even panicking in the rain!”

Charlie Osman | London, United Kingdom

“Yasssss! Just take a lookey at our amazing friend Valgray for Dogs’ rubber dog collar and leash range!! We love innovative local brands (and this one especially as its animal cruelty free)”

Kate Davies | Amsterdam, Netherlands

“It is my biggest joy shopping with Valgray! I was so impressed with the quality of your products once I received it. I have been burning to buy the whole crew Valgray gear and I am so excited to have them all sporting it soon.”

Danyelle Fourie | Pretoria, South Africa

“I received Bella’s parcel and absolutely blown away. Incredible product and such style. Thank you!!”

Shannon Austin | Cape Town, South Africa

We love the collar and leash set for our dog Richie. They are really easy to clean after Richie's play-full days. And best of all... He looks awesome with his personalized Valgray set!

Kees Kappers | Amsterdam, Netherlands

Arriving home yesterday to find this amazing product delivered on time to our home in the most beautiful packaging! So professional! The product looks and feels amazing!!! My babies even got a treat each!! I am blown away! Thank you so much Valgray for Dogs for making ordering and delivering so easy and so professional and making sure we got the right sizes too!! The engraving looks amazing too! One very happy customer.

Heloise Timm | Johannesburg, South Africa

Found Valgray online and have to say, very happy with the experience. Excellent customer service, the product came right on time, and looked even better then pictured! 

Nick Fabri | Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

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