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Valgray luxury dog accessory product sizing guide & sizing chart for all size dog collar blog banner. Image from The Valgray Collar Sizing Guide page.



Valgray is one of the few brands that caters for all dog sizes. From our extra-small collars for the truly tiny pooch to the extra-large collars for giant breeds, we go the extra mile to make sure your fur-babies can put their best paw forward. 

It’s important to measure your pup’s neck to make sure your new collar will fit comfortably. Remember to include some space around the neck for your pooch’s safety and comfort. As a rule of thumb, you should be able to fit two or three fingers between the neck and collar. 

Once you have your doggo’s measurements, check our sizing guide below for the best collar size.


No problem! You can use a variety of household items to safely measure your dog’s neck. See our guide here. 

Don’t have a tape measure lying around? No problem! To learn how to measure your dog's neck safely with various household items, click here.

Valgray luxury dog accessory product sizing guide & sizing chart for extra large, large, medium, small and extra small dog collars. Image from The Valgray Collar Sizing Guide page.


We try our best to cater to every breed, but some doggos might need a little extra at-home customisation to achieve the perfect fit. Making adjustments to our soft, PVC-coated nylon straps at home is easy. Simply use a standard leather punching tool to add additional holes, or use a utility knife to trim the length of your collar.

Interested in learning about the paws and humans behind Valgray? Learn about our journey and how we give back on Valgray, This Is How Our Story Started!