How To Measure Your Dog’s Neck Using Everyday Household Items

Written by Shannon Moss -

Have you ever found yourself wanting to measure your dog’s neck so you rummage through the infamous junk drawer looking for a measuring tape only to be met with disappointment? Or perhaps you bought your pup a collar that just doesn’t fit quite right? If this sounds familiar then keep on reading as we show you a few ways to best measure your dog’s neck using everyday household items.

The best way to find the perfect fit for your pup’s collar and accessories is to properly measure the girth of your dog’s neck. Most people don’t have a tailor’s measuring tape laying around, and those that do can hardly ever find it. If you’ve ever been desperate and tried wrapping Dad’s toolbox measuring tape around your pup’s neck, you’ll know just how impractical that is so here are two very simple techniques to try next time you find yourself in a sticky sitch.


If your pup’s current collar is still a good fit but you’re shopping around for a new one, because why not, then you can easily use the collar on hand and a ruler [or even dad’s toolbox tape] to get a pretty accurate measurement.

  • For belt-buckle collars, measure from the tip of the buckle to the adjustment hole on the strap that fits your pup currently.

Old belt-type collar measuring

  • For clip-buckle collars, make sure not to measure end to end since this will throw your measurements off by at least an inch/a few cm. Doesn’t sound like such a big deal, but if your pup’s measurements are near the low or high end of a size range it could definitely make or break your perfect fit! Instead, measure the collar from the end of the female buckle to the start of the male buckle, making sure not to include the male buckle in the measurement since this will clip into the female side.

Old clip-type collar measuring


Sounds crazy, we know, but a charger cable is one of the items almost every household is guaranteed to have on hand. You can also use a piece of rope, string, ribbon, a shoelace, or anything else of a similar nature along with a ruler [or again, dad’s toolbox measuring tape] to get a good measurement.

Charge cable dog neck measuring

Hold the end of the cable between your finger and thumb and gently wrap the other side around the thickest part of your dog's neck. Pull it snug enough that you can fit two fingers between the cable and your dog's neck. Mark the spot on the cord with your finger that met the charger end.  Now you can lay it flat and either use a ruler or tape measure to get your pup’s measurements.

Charge cable length measure


Using your pup's neck measurement, refer to the sizing guide of the dog collar manufacturer. Make sure your measurement falls within the 'adjustment range' specified.

Example: A measurement of 37cm will require a Medium size collar with an adjustment range of 30cm - 42cm.

Should your pup fall in-between collars, decide if you would prefer for your collar to sit on the last adjustment hole with little room for further growth, or rather on the first hole by opting for the larger size collar which will offer plenty of room for further growth.

The two finger fit rule of thumb

The collar should fit your dog comfortably. As a rule of thumb you should be able to get two fingers underneath the collarThese methods also work for other dog accessories like our comfy doggy snoods so make a little mental note for next time.

And there you have it! No more hassling to get those neck measurements. Now you can shop for your pups next new collar with ease.


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