Sizing Guide

Of course, you want your little babe to have a beautiful collar but you also don’t want to have to repurchase another when little babe is no longer so little.

With this in mind, we’ve designed our Valgray collars to offer the largest sizing range possible to provide ultimate longevity during your pup’s growth.

We are one of the few that cater to the truly tiny pooch with our X-Small collars and have gone the extra mile to make sure the giant breeds are catered for with measurements reaching up to 75cm.

Because we try our best to cater to every breed some doggos might need a little extra customisation to achieve the perfect fit. Adjustments can easily be made at home by adding additional holes with a punching tool or trimming the length of the collar using a utility knife. 

Avoid disappointment by making sure you choose the correct collar size for your dog. It’s always best to measure your pup’s neck for the most accurate sizing as the common breeds listed here, are merely indicative.

Don’t have a tape measure? No problem.

Here’s how you can measure your dogs’ neck with a variety of common household objects. [Link to blog post]

Valgray Sizing Guide