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Get Your Pup Photo Ready With Valgray For Dogs - Pistachio Collar on Puppy

It’s hard not to get snap-happy when our pooches are so gorgeous. And why shouldn’t we? Whether it’s for sharing on social media, keeping for posterity, or immortalising their irresistible charm, recording our pup’s place in our lives is a natural instinct for many pet parents. 

Getting that perfect pet portrait isn’t always easy, however, so we have put together some tips to help you get your pup photo ready for that fabulous photoshoot. 

  1. Selecting accessories: Dressing up our doggo’s is often more fun in our minds than it is in reality, especially for our fur babies. Make sure to choose accessories that your dog will feel good in, like Valgray’s range of designer dog collars and leashes. These are comfortable enough to make every excursion an enjoyable one and stylish enough to turn heads when you and your pup hit the streets. Like us, dogs get excited when they have a new piece of jewellery to show off, so be sure to give your fur-baby time to get used to their new designer look.
  2. Groomed and gorgeous: Scruffy can be part of a doggo’s charm, but if you want your fur-baby to look their best, you might want to send them for a pre-photoshoot trip to the parlour or take the time to do the grooming yourself. While some dogs relish the attention of a spa treatment, make sure to give them time to play around and settle down again before pulling out the camera.
  3. Make sure your pup feels comfortable: One of the most essential parts of taking stunning dog portraits is to make sure you're taking pics in a location where your little one feels comfortable. Head to a quiet park or beach, a familiar spot, or curate a photo corner in your garden or home. The more comfortable your dog feels in his or her surroundings, the more likely you are to get stellar snaps.
  4. Bring lots of treats: Treats are indeed the way to your furry friend's heart and can make or break a photoshoot. When you use treats to reiterate positive reinforcement, you will be better equipped to manage your pup. Treats are also a fantastic way to get them to practise an array of poses and tricks, such as sitting, lying down, waiting, or rolling over.
  5. Cheerful chatter: We all know how much our pets love engaging with us and research has shown that dogs understand our words and emotions more than we might think. Be sure to let your fur-baby know how well they’re doing with encouraging talk. It’s worth noting that your pooch will also pick up on any frustrations you may be feeling, so take a break as soon as either of you start to feel the strain.
  6. Change perspectives: If you want to get creative, mix up the angles and perspectives. Get down low, and see the world from your pup's view. Play around with your lens, zooming in and out and working with different camera settings. You can also work with shadows and light, creating different moods. Take some close-up shots where you really capture their facial expressions and the character in their eyes, and some wider-angled ones where you capture their environment, too.
  7. Celebratory cuddles: As tempted as you may be to start scrolling through all your fabulous shots, take the time to celebrate your fur-baby’s behaviour with loads of cuddles and some focused play time to release any pent-up excitement.
  8. Show off your style: Once you’re chosen your favourite pet portraits, it’s time to get sharing. Don’t forget to tag Valgray for Dogs on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube and share your pics with us here. We always love to see how the designer dog and fabulous pet parents that make up the Valgray family are doing. 

Get Your Pup Photo Ready With Valgray Dog Collars and Accessories 


Valgray is more than a brand, we're a dog-obsessed lifestyle. When you purchase our designer dog accessories, you and your pup become part of the Valgray family, and in doing so, you reflect our values and premium service offerings. Valgray is all about:

  • Cruelty-free products that never harm any animals.
  • Stylish, fashionable accessories that make your pup stand out when they wear our proudly Capetonian brand.
  • Quality materials that are easy to clean, tear-resistant, and latex-free.
  • Versatility and design innovation.
  • A broad range of colours to suit every pup.
  • Free personalisation of collars and leashes with bespoke engraving.
  • Free shipping on all dog accessories in South Africa. 


Valgray for Dogs

When you shop with Valgray you're not just selecting a brand, you're also a part of the Valgray family and embracing a lifestyle centred around animal welfare, supreme comfort, and impeccable fashion. Our dog collars and accessories are locally produced to radiate elegance and cosiness, ensuring that your furry companion is not only the most stylish but also the happiest pup around. 

We recognize that our customers consider their dogs as family members, which is why we design our dog products with emphasis on quality, style, and comfort. To learn more about our exceptional products, browse our online store or reach out to the Valgray team. We're eager to chat with you and share our fashionable products!

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Valgray is one of the few brands that caters for all dog sizes. From our extra-small collars for the truly tiny pooch to the extra-large collars for giant breeds, we go the extra mile to make sure your fur-babies can put their best paw forward. 

It’s important to measure your pup’s neck to make sure your new collar will fit comfortably. Remember to include some space around the neck for your pooch’s safety and comfort. As a rule of thumb, you should be able to fit two or three fingers between the neck and collar. 

Once you have your doggo’s measurements, check our sizing guide below for the best collar size.


No problem! You can use a variety of household items to safely measure your dog’s neck. See our guide here. 

Don’t have a tape measure lying around? No problem! To learn how to measure your dog's neck safely with various household items, click here.

Valgray luxury dog accessory product sizing guide & sizing chart for extra large, large, medium, small and extra small dog collars. Image from The Valgray Collar Sizing Guide page.


We try our best to cater to every breed, but some doggos might need a little extra at-home customisation to achieve the perfect fit. Making adjustments to our soft, PVC-coated nylon straps at home is easy. Simply use a standard leather punching tool to add additional holes, or use a utility knife to trim the length of your collar.

Interested in learning about the paws and humans behind Valgray? Learn about our journey and how we give back on Valgray, This Is How Our Story Started!