Boo’s Guide To Gaining Your Pup’s Approval

Written by Shannon Moss -

New Boo, Old Boo, Huberoo…Whatever your relationship with that special someone in your life, here are 5 surefire ways you can win over your partner’s pup.

1. Don’t be an eager beaver.

Ignore the pup completely while interacting with each other to allow them to build confidence in seeing that the pet parent accepts and likes you. This will likely bolster the 4-leggers paws-itive opinion. Just remember to be upfront with mamma or pappa bear in stating that you’d love to interact with the fur child when the pup is ready and willing.
Did someone say brownie points?!

2. Look into your lover’s eyes, not their dog’s.

Avoid threatening or challenging your partner’s pup with direct eye contact. Instead, reserves your lingering stares for your lovey.

3. Come baring gifts.

Bearing Gifts

This one’s a twofer! Consider showing up to date night with some treats [to reward good behaviour] and an enrichment toy [to create calm with mental stimulation]. You could even throw in a little bling for good measure with one of our Premium Valgray Dog Collars. Remember to double-check with your date on which treats, toys and measurements would be most appropriate for their pup since food allergies and breed-specific needs must be considered.
Guaranteed your brownie points will be scoring off the charts!

4. Be a considerate boo.

Considerate Boo

Fur-children grow used to and function best with routine and structure so consider this when scheduling dates. If the pup needs to go for a walk, consider working those needs into your romantic plans.

5. Prep for the pleasures of play.

There’s nothing quite like the bonding that takes place when human and pup engage in play. The exercise and stimulation will also tire the dog out which means there will be less energy for anxiety. Just make sure you stick within the pups limits and never force play or engage in rough play as this can create negative connotations that will be very hard to break.

Now that you’ve got the tools to successfully win over your partner’s pet, remember to live in the moment since that is entirely what dogs do. When you consistently show that you understand their needs and are there to cherish and care for them, you could very well be on your way to becoming the new favoured human in the house.


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