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Written by Shannon Moss -

Our Valgray community has grown significantly so it’s only fitting that we introduce ourselves to all the new faces around here. With a little piece of our heart and souls captured in each and every Valgray product, it’s important to us that you get to know the family that founded it all.

We’ve bared our souls, spilling the tea around the Valgray™ brand, where it all began and where we’re headed, so without further ado let’s jump right in!

Who’s behind the bizz?

The Valgray Directors

We’re a passion-driven husband and wife team, Marco & Rhodé, and we’ve been together for over a decade both working in the design and creative industry with skills ranging from architectural design, jewellery design, creative advertising and branding design. We’ve always known we make an excellent team but never thought we’d venture outside of our respective fields.

We both grew up with a variety of animals and various dog breeds as pets so the passion has really been with us all our lives. The hardest part of our journey thus far has been making the decision for one of us to walk away from a professional career as an architect to focus full time on Valgray as a startup, but it’s also been one of the most rewarding parts, and we wouldn’t change it for the world!

The merge between our passion for dogs and design expertise made perfect sense. We are immensely proud of our locally designed brand and products and we don’t doubt for a second that we’re exactly where we need to be.

Who’re the paws powering the empire?

The Paws behind Valgray

Our fur-baby Juno is a true madam who believes that she is equal to a human. She shares the couch with mom and dad in front of the TV and is always included in our daily activities whether it is going for a walk on the beach or just having a bite to eat at a restaurant, Juno is a member of our family!

She’s a Chinese Shar-Pei with the cutest little face, an abundance of wrinkles and a little curly piglet tail. She loves running and only has one ‘setting’ which is ‘full speed’. Juno always has to run everywhere she goes! 

We knew from the beginning that Juno was special and we wanted to get her something striking that is different from the usual collar and leash options available on the market. We did a lot of research and couldn't find anything that really suited our lifestyle so we decided, “why don't we start our own luxury range?” We ended up meshing our years of design, advertising and marketing skills with our passion for dogs, and Juno, which eventually led to the birth of what you now know as Valgray™.

Why we chose PVC coated nylon for our Valgray products.

PVC Coated Nylon Collars

PVC coated Nylon is a slick, premium and modern approach to a dog accessory material and is waterproof which is a performance feature that absolutely must be present when we’re talking luxury and longevity. PVC coated nylon is strong and tear-resistant due to the woven nylon webbing core of the straps. The PVC coating offers a wide range of colour options so the opportunity for further exploration in terms of design is endless. The material is also latex-free and therefore perfect for sensitive skin types and allergies. The PVC coated nylon has a smooth surface and is fur-friendly compared to some other similar products on the market today that can cause hair loss around the collar area. This material is also odour resistant and easy to clean. Last but not least, we are proud to say that this material is 100% cruelty-free, meaning no animal hides have been used to manufacture this product.

What really sets us apart though is that we don’t just offer our local design expertise in dog accessories. Valgray is more than just collars and leashes, it’s a lifestyle, and a luxury one at that! We offer our customers the opportunity to spend time with their pups in a fun, fashionable, but most importantly, functional way. We take the leg work out of being stylish so that your dog can be the best dog there is while looking the part.

How Valgray gives back to the community.

Valgray Giving Back

We really love getting involved in a variety of charitable campaigns to help our furry friends in need and we’re extremely proud of what we’ve accomplished thus far. Some of the campaigns we’ve joined in the past have included a blanket drive for the Stellenbosch Animal Welfare Society where we donated a blanket to a shelter dog with every sale made. We’ve raised funds for anti-animal trafficking through a national donation-based raffle campaign and most recently we sponsored a documentary in collaboration with Documinute to raise awareness for Woodrock Animal Rescue Centre in Johannesburg. This included a R15,000 cash donation and a R20,000 sponsorship towards the making of the documentary. Furthermore, we filmed 26 pups who needed to be adopted and featured them on our social media to promote the cause. To further drive the cause to encourage adoption we pledged to give personalised collars for free with each adoption during the festive period.

Where is Valgray headed?

Moving forward

We are actively growing our colour range to offer as many unique colour combination options in as many collar sizes as possible. We have our brand colours already planned out that will be rolled out as we grow and we are excited to see how our customers and doggies will respond to our new colour selections that are on the way. In the next 5 years, we envision ourselves to have a much bigger footprint globally as we focus on also growing the Valgray™ lifestyle brand abroad.
For now, our products are available directly from our online store, on Takealot, Pet Heaven and also on Pets Planet SA. Head on over to one of our stockists and join our Valgray family.

Valgray Lifestyle

We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know us a little better and we’re super excited to continue on this journey alongside the pet community. The love and passion that pet parents have for their dogs are incredible and we’re honoured to be a part of spoiling the royalty in your life!



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  • Love love love the story of your family and journey. Being a fur mama myself to a mini maltese
    Cooper Lyon, and a designer as well, I absolutely share these sentiments and makes my heart really happy when I see passion unfold into reality like this. Cant wait to see new and exciting things for Valgray.

  • It is great to put faces to the brand and learn more about your story and journey. Coco our beagle loves her collar and looking forward to seeing the range expand

    Peter van den Berg

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